Specialty polymers for medical device manufacturing

Molded Components

 Molded ComponentsInjection molded plastic components are used in commodity applications and the most advanced applications that include drug-delivery system and diabetes treatment devices.  Materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC are materials of choice for injection molded disposable components.  Rigid PVC injection molding compounds provide clarity and toughness required for tubing connectors, luer locks, valves, drip chambers, instrument handles, and similar medical components.

Engineering resins, such as Rilsan® and Rilsamid® polyamides, are increasingly in demand for injection molding components used in diagnostic testing equipment, drug-delivery systems and surgical instruments. Low durometer grades of polyether block amide, such as Pebax 2533 SA 01 MED, can be over-molded on instrument handles to provide a soft grip to improved comfort for clinicians.