Specialty polymers for medical device manufacturing
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Wound Care

Picture1.jpgThe wound care market consists of medical films, sheets and adhesives for bandages and dressings, as well as monofilaments and fibers for surgical sutures.


Extruded polyurethane (TPU) and polyethylene (PE) are common materials used in wound care applications, such as  films, tapes, backings and synthetic dressings. These products require a high degree of biocompatibility, absorbency and strength, as well as flexibility and moisture/vapor barrier properties.


Medical grade polypropylene (PP) is commonly used in the manufacturing of monofilament for wound care sutures. PP sutures provide strength and security for extended healing and also elicit minimal tissue reaction. In addition, PP can be colored easily by compounding and masterbatch techniques, providing physicians and surgeons with easily identifiable fibers.