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Ascend Performance Materials

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Ascend Performance Materials

Foster has been appointed as the marketing partner for Ascend Performance Materials’ portfolio of nylon engineered materials including its nylon 6,6 products as well as its long-chain and amorphous nylons. Foster will provide sales, technical support, and order fulfillment support for the above brands.


Ascend’s portfolio includes nylon 6,6; nylon 6, 10 and 6,12. Nylon 6,6 polymers are recognized for their high-performance characteristics including high mechanical strength, rigidity, and heat stability. Nylon 6,10 and 6,12 polymers have added functionality such as greater flexibility, high dimensional stability, and excellent chemical resistance. Medical applications include diagnostics, medical mobility, hygiene, medical packaging, surgical tools, as well as many others.


Available Medical Grades:
Ascend HiDura™ MED


Ascend Performance Materials

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