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Hangzhou Fine Fluorotech

Hangzhou Fine Fluorotech
Hangzhou Fine Fluorotech

Foster has been appointed as the marketing partner for Hangzhou Fine Fluorotech medical grade Pureflon™ FEP fluoropolymer material. Hangzhou Fine Fluorotech featured FEP product for use in the healthcare market segment is FC-20 MED. Foster will provide sales, technical, and order fulfillment support for Pureflon™ FC-20 MED.


Pureflon™ FC-20 MED is a cost effective translucent FEP product whose features include high purity, low coefficient of friction, colorable, and biotested to USP Class VI. Medical applications include heat shrinkable tubing, marker guides for catheters, introducers, and dilators, among others. It is an alternative to PTFE in many medical applications.


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