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ProTEX Med® Implantable PP

ProTEX Med Implantable PP
ProTEX Med® Implantable PP

Aran Biomedical, located in Coilleach/Spiddal/Co. Galway Ireland, is a global participant in biomedical product solutions for implantable medical devices. Market Participation includes cardiovascular, general surgery, and orthopedics with technologies that include textiles, coatings, encapsulations, and durable and non-durable implantable medical solutions.

Aran’s ProTEX Med® homopolymer polypropylene is available in pellet form as a permanently implantable material choice for applications that require either injection molding or extrusion processing options. Support for ProTEX Med® PP includes technical data sheet (TDS), FDA Masterfile reference data, certifications to technical specifications and ISO 10993-5 (cytotoxicity), as well as suitability for long term implantation supported by data derived form FDA 510(k) cleared surgical mesh.

ProTEX Med® PP is available for R & D in quantities as low as 5 kg and for production quantities as low 25 kg.



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